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A fiercely independent and dynamic vocalist Alexis Parsons will grab your attention immediately! There are a million unheard voices in the naked city and Alexis Parson's is but one. Independent artists much like independent jazz journalists are drawn to this most unforgiven line of work by passion while the understanding or even caring about the business side of the equation comes later if at all.

It is passion that drives Parsons. Passion that ranges from the experience of singing Greek sacred music to Opera to the seemingly musical sweet spot she finds herself at with this self titled release.

With the self titled "Alexis Parsons" she puts everything on the line with a piano and voice recording that would leave the less experienced artist fully exposed and ripe for a potentially critical cyber autopsy. Instead, Parsons displays tremendous jazz sensibilities with her captivating alto voice and she reaches past the title of singer to the level of story teller with such classics as "Hello Young Lovers" and "You Must Believe In Spring." Pianist Frank Kimbrough's accompaniment is thoughtful and fills just the right amount of space to make this a true musical partnership more so than a vocal "standards" recording. "Lazy Afternoon" is delivered in what some may hear as an autobiographical approach full of longing and despair that one could have only experienced first hand and thus explain how these feelings are transferred so effortlessly.

There is a unique, wistful melancholy that permeates this recording of stories of what might have been. A real and obvious connection is made between Parsons and these tunes to create a magical rise and fall of emotion. An emotional ebb and flow that fully exposes Parsons many artistic gifts and with no reservations.

Alexis Parsons and Frank Kimbrough make a delightful duo. The perfect trio accompaniment may be a crisp fall day, rich coffee and a warm blanket. There may be more technically proficient singers on the scene today but none more artistic as Parsons does more than sing the words, she makes the music.

Alexis Parsons intrigues me. A vocal enigma that leaves one longing for more.

Tracks: The Winter of My Discontent; Hello Young Lovers; Just Squeeze Me; Lazy Afternoon; Only Trust Your Heart; Make It Last; She; You Must Believe In Spring.

Personnel: Alexis Parsons; voice  Frank Kimbrough; piano.

By Brent Black
September 19, 2011
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